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If you want to learn about Saxony from an independent source, click here and compare with the German or Saxon view.

English guided tours to the vicinity of Dresden will be offered (minimum number of participants required). All tours start at the hotels.

Friday, September 11, 10-17 h:

Elba valley and Saxon Switzerland

Bus tour to Pillnitz castle along the lovely landscape of the Elbe valley towards the spectacular rock formations of the the Saxon Switzerland. This region with its mystic stone formations is one of the origins of German romanticism. Visit Königstein Fortress. The area attracts probably as many tourists as the city of Dresden (min. 20 persons, 49 €, includes entrance tickets, lunch not included).

The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich (1818) depicts the typical sandstone formations of the Saxon Switzerland.

Saturday, September 12, 10-17 h:

Meissen, the cradle of Saxony and of European porcelain

A very attractive excursion to the famous Porcelain Manufactory, the narrow aisles of the old part of the city of Meissen, the castle Albrechtsburg and the Cathedral (min. 15 persons, 39 €, includes entrance tickets, lunch not included).

Sunday, September 13, 10-12 h:

Tour a museum before you leave

New Green Vault


This part of the world-famous treasure chamber of the Dresden Royal Palace houses fascinating objects of gold, silver, enamal and gems, ivory, mother-of-pearl, coconut shells and ostrich eggs (English guided tour, min. 15 persons, 16 €, includes entrance tickets, lunch not included).

Old Masters Picture Gallery


You may visit the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Second Life® (www.dresdengallery.com), but you may admire this outstanding collection of high-ranking masterpieces in your first life as well (English guided tour, min. 15 persons, 16 €, includes entrance tickets, lunch not included).

Proposal for individual trips:

Colditz Castle

Once the movie about the escape from Colditz Castle was know to almost every British. The castle is now renovated, the castle museum shows details about various escapes. Colditz Castle is located approx. 75 km west of Dresden.

Erzgebirge and "toy-land"

The resources of the Erzgebirge (ore mountains) for centuries made Saxony the richest German state. Numerous castles and ancient industrial monuments still edge roads. Tours are offered for car drivers and hikers. The Saxon Silver Mine Route is among the most popular routes. The city of Freiberg is one of the highlights along the route. Terra Mineralia, the worlds biggest collection of minerals opened recently in the historic Freudenstein Castle. Almost as popular is an excursion to the “toy-land” (located approx. 65 km southwest of Dresden).

Saxon Wine Route

The Saxon Wine Route extends 65 km along the Elbe valley from the city of Pirna - called the gateway to Saxon Switzerland - via Dresden and Meissen to the wine village Diesbar-Seusslitz. It combines various pleasures. Take the steam boat or hire a driver for your car!

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